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It’s always really hard to meet ladies in mass because it’s so quiet and rigid. Even afterwards at the lunches, the girls seem to just disappear. I’m looking.

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Yep. I’m a young man looking for a young lady (maybe?) Since we are Catholic, how about I treat you to a nice dinner and some fresh wine?

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Hi. I’m recently divorced (I know). It might turn people off for my honesty, but if my preacher is fine with it, I’m fine. Health comes first.

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Do you ever wonder about what happens when you send a private message over any free online dating sites? Who all can see what you are sending out to other people? On, your privacy is respected above everything else. Dating is a matter that should only be between you and the people that you are interested in dating. When you send a message to someone you only want them to see it. This can be especially true when you believe very firmly in the Catholic view on dating. Don't worry, you are in total control over your messages and we will never use them or read them. If you're looking to feel someone out before you start dating a Catholic man, there is no better way than a private chat. Catholic online dating with is a safe place for you to be open about your sexuality and your spirituality. If you feel like you're connecting with the men you are chatting with all you need to do to kick it up a notch is offer to video chat. This is all free to you and offers you the safety of feeling a man out from your home until you are comfortable enough to meet him in person. If you don't like someone, there's no need to continue talking.

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I was really skeptical about even dating within the Catholic faith for various reasons. Commitment issues and all. But after a friend told me that since I’m a pretty regular mass-goer, I might want to give it a try. After thinking men pretty much sucked, I got a few messages from some pretty cool guys, actually went out on some dates, and had tons of fun! It was really great to be able to connect through faith like that. Thanks

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I’ve been looking for love for a few years now. Most men just shy away from my devout practice. I love God and I love the Church, but it seems so hard for men to understand and accept that. Well, after using, I’ve found new confidence in the community. I met my current boyfriend three months ago, and things are going great! He even comes to mass with me and prays before we get into the car every time. I’m on the road to love!

image descriptionI'maLibby

Oh hey hey! I’m really excited to be able to have the opportunity to tell you how much has saved my life. I really was in a bad stretch, dating awful men who barely even shared my same values let alone beliefs, so faith began to falter. After coming back to the Church and wanting to date again, I was able to find a nice Catholic boy to spend my time with, and I’m so happy! We are going on two months now.

image descriptionSaintMary

Over the years I’ve found that dating is more difficult the more differences you have. When you can connect with someone through your shared faith and culture, it really helps you to know what to expect from each other. I never had much luck finding quality men in my local parish, but through, I feel like I finally met the one that God had planned all along for me. I’m finally happy in my quest for faith and love.

The Very Best Of Catholic Online Dating Awaits You

Many other online dating sites are not designed to help you connect with your ever growing Catholic community. There is no need for you to hide or deny your Catholic heritage and faith in order to date. Imagine dating a man who doesn’t mind going to mass with you, especially on Easter and Christmas. The Church can continue to help you grow and connect you to those who might also be able to help you grow. Those who are outside the Catholic faith have a hard time understanding the traditional practice and values associated with the faith. helps you to find your dreamy Catholic man so that both you and your family can be happy with your mate. Dating a Catholic man is made easier when there are hundreds of local Catholic singles waiting to talk to you. The site is incredibly easy to use and offers robust matching services based on your own input. With features like private video chat, you can get over that awkward first meeting by doing it virtually. They also have a mobile application so that you aren’t chained to your computer while looking for a suitable man. You have all the control to engage as much or as little with anyone you desire. is a popular site for many reasons including their varied features and mobile app!


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Currently finishing up my psychology degree. I really like video games, so a girl that’s into gaming would be great. I’ll also make you a pizza.

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Hello! I strive to be a pretty funny guy. I’m looking for a sweet little Catholic chick that won’t mind me taking her out on the town to spoil her rotten. My mom raised me right.

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Studying sports therapy and looking for someone nice to spend some time with in between classes and homework. Must be physically active and competitive.

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Your Catholic faith is integrally tied to your identity, values, and activities, and when it comes to dating, faith and spirituality matter immensely. Finding common ground can be difficult when you are just meeting someone for the first time. When you use, you are sure to find a man who shares your upbringing, faith and values. This means you already know a lot about each other and could share stories from childhood. Why worry whether or not someone will accept not only you but also your faith when you are looking for a new mate? On one of the best online Catholic dating websites you should find thousands of local Catholic men that are interested in dating a fellow Catholic. Signing up is a breeze and grants you access to many helpful features like private messages and live chat. Browse through profiles, and when you find someone who peaks your interest, send them a message or chat. If they message you back, you could video chat, and there is no better way to get to know someone than to watch their body language and visceral reactions to your questions. You no longer have to sacrifice your faith or your heritage for dating again. With online Catholic dating, you can quickly sign up and start looking for your prince today!

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