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Meet Catholic Singles Tonight!

Everyone that you meet is going to share your values or at least be respectful. This is the best place online to meet Catholic singles. Be yourself and find people that are interested in you!

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There Are Thousands Of Catholics Waiting For You!

You can chat up and meet thousands of Catholics singles that are all local to your area! Don not worry about long distance with


I'm Ruby and I'm very happy to meet you! I'm not really looking for anything serious, but I always am in the market for new friends. Let's hang out sometime!

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I need a woman who loves fine dining and good beer as much as I do. I want to take a beautiful woman out and enjoy great food and drink with her.

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I've been around the block and I'm ready to do this thing. I want to settle down. Don't think that I'm too young, I've already lived life and I'm ready to move to the next level.

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The thing that sets apart from other dating sites isn't just that we provide services to Catholics specifically. It's that all of our features are free. This is the top of free Catholic singles dating because we don't need you to sign up for a plan or pay to use our best features like video chat. You can start a conversation with someone via private messenger and get a feel for them and then move the conversation to video chat when you are comfortable. Don't feel like you have to rush to meet Catholic singles until you're ready. Take the time to get to really know a person before you take the jump into getting to talk to them in person. This includes meeting them in a video chat. In video chat you really get a feel for a person because you get to see them move, see their expressions and you don't have the possibility of being tricked by clever lighting, photoshop, or camera angles. When you meet someone on video chat you're getting the real person. This is the best way to do Catholic dating online because you already know that the two of you agree on spiritual matters. Now you just have to find out if there is chemistry between the two of you.

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image descriptionYeahGirlTonya

When I found my faith I took a long break from the dating game to focus on me and my daughter. When I was ready to take the plunge I knew that I needed to meet Catholic singles, someone to keep my feet on the ground. I was blessed to find a perfect man for me. He's forgiving, kind, and best of all he loves my daughter like his own.

image descriptionPeterPaulMarty

I've been traveling the world for most of my life. I've lived in Spain, England, and lately did a bit of work in Japan. I'm ready to settle down now and to me that meant dating a Catholic girl. When I met my wife I was shocked by her wisdom beyond her years. She's much younger than I am, but together we act like a pair of college kids.

image descriptionUpForAnything1ce

Finding a lesbian who is also a practicing Catholic sounds like finding a unicorn, I know. So imagine my surprise when I logged into! I immediately found a to of women who shared my faith and my interests. I'm not seeing anyone seriously yet, but I'm enjoying actually playing the field. There ARE other people out there like me!

image descriptionJoeBowtie

Gay men can still be firm in their faith and convictions. I wanted to date a Catholic man because I've tried dating other walks of faith and we never worked out. When I logged into I got pinged by an amazing guy within a week. Little did I know he was looking at attending my church, we've been together a few months, and it's going great.

This Is The Top Of Free Catholic Singles Dating

You want to meet Catholic singles because you know how important your relationship to Christ and your faith is to you. Sometimes on dates you've hidden your religion for fear of making the date strange, but you cannot imagine having any meaningful relationship without being able to share in your spirituality with your partner. That doesn't mean, however, that you're a stick in the mud who never does anything but go to church. You want an active partner who is going to be engaged with you in all parts of your life. That is why is the best Catholic dating site out there! With it is understood that faith, while important, isn't the only part of your life. You can find someone who shares in all of your interests and is willing to meet you on your desires. You don't have to be devout to join, you don't even have to be a Catholic. What you need is to have an open mind and be willing to take someone as they are, faith and all. Knowing that means that we have an open and welcoming community looking to meet Catholic singles and to grow their social networks. You don't have to meet someone who only wants to go to church. Who you can meet is someone who wants to share your life, INCLUDING church.


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I'm a boss when it comes to relationships. If you can hang, hit me up, I'm not looking to deal with any little girls, either. I need a real woman who wants a real man.

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Hello world! I'm Blythe (yep that really is my name!) and I'm looking for a man who wants to travel! Let's run away together and see this big beautiful planet together!

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I've been devoted to Christ for the past 5 years of my life and I'm looking for a man who is a true soldier in the Word. I want to share my life with someone!

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You also don't have to scour the globe to find a good free Catholic singles dating experience. sorts your search results by area, so you can find people who meet your qualifications anywhere in the United States. You don't have to be tied to any area! There are thousands of members and the numbers grow every single day with Meet Catholic singles wherever you are and wherever you are going. When you log on you're going to be amazed with how many people you see on the site, not just profiles, but active users who are always chatting, available for PM or looking to have a video chat. Our members are from every walk of life and on every path in their faith.

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